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For the past year (well, from April 2008-July 2009), I have been a reporter at, a travel site that just launched this June. Like most startups, Oyster’s origins were shrouded in mystery until recently. For starters, we didn’t want the competition to know what we were up to. Also, it took us about a year to decide on a name (I fought for “Sherpa” and lost).

As one of Oyster’s first reporters, I got to travel all around Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Miami and New York, reviewing and thoroughly photographing 45 hotels in my wake. Here, in no particular order, are my favorite reviews from a year of whirlwind reporting:

Shelborne Beach Resort


What the The Golden Girls would look like if the cameras kept rolling 20 years on — everything was a shade of yellow, sometimes several all at once. At best, buttercup; at worst, buttermilk. On the plus side, these quiet and affordable digs are in the heart of raucous South Beach party scene.

Ritz-Carlton South Beach

Ritz_ThumbRemember Hector Elizondo’s hotel manager in Pretty Woman? Remember how nice he was to Julia Roberts, even though she was clearly a prostitute? I rolled up to the Ritz-Carlton in dirty jeans and a rumpled shirt expecting to feel out of place, but everyone made me feel like I belonged.

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